Coaching Leadership Motivation Seminar
Dr. Michael R. Elliott, Clinical Psychologist-Educator

Michael Elliott
This is a training seminar in developing a practical understanding of the principles of COACHING, as it is called today. It has been referred to in many ways over history; leadership, mentoring, advising, guiding, directing. People in various roles have produced coaching behavior; grandparents, parents, siblings, close friends, wise uncle/aunt, spiritual leader, community elder, sage, teachers, even therapists. The practical understanding here developed is intended to provide you with the following outcomes:

  • Experience identifying and Observing the application of the tools of coaching
  • An improved ability to identify and discriminate between effective and ineffective coaching
  • Opportunity to gain practical experience in providing coaching
  • Developing a frame of reference for constructively criticizing coaching behavior efforts
  • Developing an understanding of the relationship between coaching and leadership
  • Understanding of the role of motivation in coaching
  • Identifying the similarities and differences between coaching and counseling
  • Learning the outcomes of a coaching influence on your own career
  • Applying coaching effectively to your own professional goals

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